Media Minutiae: Suitcase Edition

  • Best Week Ever: The magazine? [WWD]
  • $100M: How much Condé Nast may drop on its new biz title before it sees a dime. [PRWeek]
  • Trial: For jailed Times researcher in China starts Friday. [NYT]
  • ‘A Suitcase of Rocks’: MSNBC’s Rita Crosby is dumber than one, Keith Olbermann writes in a leaked email. [Lowdown]
  • While Mark Cuban Sweats Out the NBA Finals: He’s investing in an investigative journalism site. []
  • In Advance of Nacho Libre: The nuts and bolts of Mexican wrestling. You know, in case you were afraid to go see the Jack Black flick without that knowledge. [HowStuffWorks]

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