Media Minutiae: Sugar Daddy Edition

  • No Pay For Play: CNN denies paying for Angelina Jolie interview. [Jossip]
  • Another Sugar Daddy?: Kurt Andersen says the Observer is close to being sold to Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Fest gang; if not, there’s a “well-known local billionaire ready to write a big check. [New York]
  • For The ‘Look’: NBC producer defects to CBS to keep an eye on Katie Couric. [Hollywood Reporter via Reuters]
  • How Not To Court Gen X And Y: Simon Dumenco on the Times’ pandering to the Hip. [AdAge]
  • Atoosa’s ‘Tern: A contestant on Miss Seventeen quit early, but still snagged an internship at the magazine because, some theorize, she said things like “Atoosa [Rubenstein] is, like, who I want to be” on camera. [WWD]