Media Minutiae, Strong Enough For A Man But Made For A Woman Edition

  • “Man of the Year”: Not just for men anymore! First everyone’s all a-buzzin’ about the suggestion from Brian Williams, Grover Norquist and a trifecta of Coopers that Time’s “Person of the Year” be Katrina/Mother Nature, and then GQ goes and names Jennifer Aniston their “Man of the Year” for the grace, poise, and cojones she showed during her breakup from Brad Pitt and the whole Brangelina kerfuffle (what else she shows: lots of skin on the cover, sans Kate Moss-esque nipple, and an indication that high-waisted pants are coming back). [Lots of links – we’ll just arbitrarily go with Newsday because that’s what we saw first]
  • They probably think this item is about them: …and if they were Walter Cronkite and Joanna Simon , (sister of Carly they’d be right! The happy couple(quite noisily so, if memory serves) just got married. Congratulations, people who have no idea who I am! [FishbowlDC]
  • Tucker’d out: Film critic Ken Tucker is leaving NYMag and heading back to Entertainment Weekly. You never forget your first love. Also, there’s way more opportunity for goofy fun captions there, and I love those TV listings. [WWD]
  • Trust us, we feel your pain: NYT exec ed. Bill Keller is tired of talking about Judy Miller. To which we add “duh!” [Daily Princetonian]
  • Give ’em cabfare and next thing you know they’re moving in: Over at Wonkette they’ve got a pretty hilarious rundown of what White House spokes-bot Scott McClellan ought not mistake for respect. [Wonkette]
  • Lewis Lapham to retire: Harper‘s isn’t losing an EIC, we’re gaining a book on William Howard Taft. [NYT]