Media Minutiae: “Pop Quiz, Hotshot” Edition.

Your assignment this afternoon: Match the following quotes to the list of media entities to which the speaker is referring:

1. “I see it as investment — not throwing money out the window, which is an activity I don’t enjoy.”

2. “Missing a rate base for any reason is not considered a sign of vitality.”

3. “I was approached some months ago, but I had no interest in doing that again.”

4. “I was asked to go onto a program that was going to have James on it, and then I was going to be joined by Frank Rich and Richard Cohen to talk about ‘Truth in America.’ That was the program.”

5. “Our participation in the ‘Adopt-A-School’ program is part of the magazine industry’s efforts to inspire high school juniors and seniors of color to seek careers in magazines.”

A. American Media
B. Fast Company and Inc.
C. The Magazine Publishers of America
D. The Oprah Winfrey Show
E. Spin

Answers after the jump.

1. That’s Joe Mansueto, founder and CEO of Morning Star and the proud, but perhaps a bit defensive new owner of B. Fast Company and Inc. telling PaidContent’s Staci Kramer that yes, both magazines are profitable — no, wait, the magazines’ websites are! — and that he’s still in this for the long haul.

2. That’s a disgruntled media buyer grumbling about David Pecker’s A. American Media. Attempting to prove once again that timing is everything, Pecker has confessed that half of his company’s magazine will miss their rate bases (i.e. their promised circulation to advertisers) because his company is adopting new, more stringent definitions of what counts as “paid” circulation six months ahead of everyone else. As of this moment, that makes him a straight-shooting reformer. If he’d waited six months, he just would have been another deadbeat.

3. That’s Bob Guccione Jr. (hereafter known in the Fishbowl stylebook as “the Gooch”) talking about his former baby, Spin. It seems that Spin’s owners — ultimately a bunch of private equity guys — are determined to sell at all costs. Keith Kelly at the New York Post checked in with the Gooch, who is obviously going to pass, but Women’s Wear Daily’s Jeff Bercovici has the scoop that San Francisco mini-mogul Tom Hartle is close to scooping the title up for somewhere between $5 million and $10 million, since Spin is apparently losing $3 million a year. The Gooch sold it for $40+ million back in the day. Go, Gooch!

4. That’s poor Nan Talese telling The New York Observer that Oprah ambushed her on D.Oprah’s show. And how.

5. And five is from a press release issued this morning by C.The Magazine Publishers of America about adopting a school in West Harlem. Atoosa Rubenstein is going to get everything right this time.