Media Minutiae, Paperclip Edition

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  • New neighbors on the newsstand: It’s official: Men’s Vogue is a go! The much-ballyhooed title from Cond&#233 Nast has been officially added to the roster, with a rate base of 300,000 and a cover price of $4.95. Next issue’s up in the spring with ten issues skedded for 2007. The talent: former New Yorker associate publisher William Li was named publisher; Jay Fielden remains EIC; Anna Wintour stays editorial director and general looming presence. Also, Hearst greenlit Weekend, which should give the WSJ a run for its money. [AdAge]
  • Mort ain’t no sport: Page Six reports that two of the nine layoff’s at Mort Zuckerman’s US News & World Report were pregnant women. Classy. One of them is named “Sarah Sklaroff” which is almost my name, and also almost the maiden name of Jerry Seinfeld’s wife Jessica, who is mentioned two items later. No relation, obviously. In other news, I feel as though this headline has been used before, very likely by the New York Post. [NYP]
  • Obiter dicta: NYT scribe and former lawyer Jonathan Glater reports on the fact that a high percentage of bloggers are lawyers, noting that “good lawyers write well, quickly and clearly and do not fear arguments.” Thank God, we never claimed to be a good lawyer. [NYT]
  • Edward R. Murrow! Edward R. Murrow! I love ya, Edward R. Murrow! You’re only a day away! Slate‘s Jack Shafer thinks doesn’t think you’re gonna like it there at “Good Night And Good Luck”, at least not if you’re a fan of balance and accuracy. The movie opens tonight; in other news, man I wish I’d thought of this headline yesterday. [Slate and Slate]
  • Madness takes its toll: The NYT Editorial board quotes Rocky Horror in dissing Bush’s speech while simultaneously reminding us that we should be afraid, be very afraid. Oh, also, apparently this might be a year not to skip that flu shot. [NYT]
  • Take that, Google! You’re not the boss of us! Er, yet. It was announced yesterday that Yahoo! acquired, the Dodgeball-esque local event listings site (recall that Dodgeball was acquired by Google). This adds to Yahoo! Groups and the recently launced Yahoo! 360, which is SO not as much fun without Anderson. [MediaPost]
  • Gutfeld mocks those daft American magazine editors: On Greg Gutfeld‘s not-at-all-a-secret-let-alone-a-super-one blog, he points out that “there is nothing FUNNY about a conference on humor, and if you are actually funny, you never would have thought of doing it.” He also noticed the brown shoes. Gutfeld knows fashion. His main point: “I was also appalled at how impotent the panelists were in defending their own mags. Shit, I was editor of MH. When I was asked by people about the gayness of the mag – I always answered, “Of course it’s gay. The mark of a truly straight man is his willingness to [censored] other men – and not find it a threat to his masculinity.” Greg Gutfeld: now that’s a man. [HuffPo – click on Gutfeld’s bio for the full rant, and a surprisingly delicious description of a loaded baked potato.]