Media Minutiae: Murtha, Murtha, Murtha! Edition

We invoked Rep. John Murtha‘s news-making stand on the Iraq war soley because we wanted to be the first to link the Bush administration with “The Brady Bunch,” but then we realized that great minds think alike. Which I guess means that our Godzilla joke is out. Oh well. In any case, enjoy the links.

  • New York Media Loves Showtunes, Part 327: We no longer need to prove it, but this one’s a slam-dunk so we couldn’t resist: Page Six reports that New York columnist and Spy co-founder Kurt Andersen has written a musical about the witch Broomhilda, and would like Oscar-winning vamp Catherine Zeta-Jones to play the lead. It will be called “Broomhilda” and will no doubt be filled with so much witchy fun that we’ll be tempted to add an exclamation point, just ’cause that made “Oliver!”‘s tale of petty thievery, starving orphans, and murderous boyfriends so delightful. [NYP]
  • Well she was sexy needy, insecure, exploited and seventeen… MSNBC contributor Linda Holmes give Seventeen editor and new reality-tv doyenne Atoosa Rubenstein a sound smack on the wrist for encouraging her young competitors to backbite, tattle on, and diss their fellow contestants in order to win a coveted scholarship and magazine cover. Whatever, Linda Holmes, don’t think we aren’t judging you on your lipstick and hairdo! We are. And also, we only wear pink on Tuesdays. [MSNBC]
  • MoDo channels Susan Estrich: NYT columnist and man-not-needer Maureen Dowd says she thinks there should be women all over the op-ed pages of the land. FYI, former New Yorker Meghan Daum just had her first official op-ed column in the LAT about Heidi Fleiss‘ new planned stud farm, where men are very necessary indeed. Investigative journalism, anyone? [E&P]
  • Sync: It’s official. Not that it wasn’t official Friday, but they did have the weekend to change their mind. Not anymore. The NYT has the deets. [NYT]
  • And the circle is unbroken: Props to Mickey Kaus for “House of Murtha,” thus completing this post’s trifecta of art-house movie references. [Slate]