Media Minutiae: Leak Edition

  • Charged: Karl Rove won’t be in the Valerie Plame-C.I.A. leak case. [NYT]
  • Ann Coulter: Hot Or Not?: Chris Matthews, Tucker Carlson and Rita Crosby discuss on Hardball. [Jossip]
  • IPO For American Media?: Celebri-titles should sell now before the flashbulbs burn out — if they haven’t already. [CNN/Money]
  • Six-Figure Fuller?: Speaking of American Media, editrix Bonnie Fuller has yet to renew her contract. [WWD]
  • Do Donations For Photo Rights Equal Paying Sources?: For Simon Dumenco, they do. [AdAge]
  • Who The Hell Is Buying 80 Literary Journals?: Bright young things, that’s who. [NY Sun]
  • Talking About It Won’t Make It Launch Any Sooner: Editor Joanne Lipman on Portfolio. [MIN]