Media Minutiae, God Morgon Edition

  • Traister-iffic! We’re glad Jon Friedman agrees with us that Salon’s Rebecca Traister is awesome (Fishbowl has declared this bias before). Traister’s always-lucid, always-thoughtful take on gender politics makes her always-relevant in an area that’s in need of always-attention. Plus she uses words always-correctly. Props to Friedman for this one. [MW]
  • …and as long as we’re on the subject: AMI’s Bonnie Fuller did it her way, and Diane Keaton has thoughts on turning 60. [WWD, HuffPo]
  • Alex Kuczynski is back, and richer than ever! Hangin’ in the Pleasantville-for-the-Rich town of Ketchum, Idaho sure sounds relaxing (like Barry Diller‘s lawn, natch), so why is she so cranky? Imputing forlorn memories to strangers (“I wish my dad had taken me to more baseball games as a child instead of spending all those Sunday afternoons with my mother’s best friend”) and wishing ill on hapless fans (“…I would have told the guy to go to film school and call me in 10, no make that 20, years, by which point the man would with any luck be long deceased”) is unlike our Alex, who may drop a lot of coin but is always cheery about it. Also, my bro at FishbowlLA thinks she’s being a little coy. [NYT]
  • Paul McLeary is CJR’s guy in Iraq. Wait, CJR has a guy in Iraq? It’s true – CJR reporter Paul McLeary asked if he could go to Iraq, and CJR said, “sure.” Which is pretty great. He’s been there for two weeks and this is how it’s going. Amidst everything that is happening, he still keeps a sense of humor; we laughed at “Neil Cavuto Doesn’t Look Any Better from Iraq.” Be careful; thanks for writing. [CJR]
  • Fine, but we know another reason why you can call Ben McGrath “stallion”: Wow, we had no idea that the New Yorker‘s Ben McGrath was related to Luke and “Butterscotch Stallion” Owen Wilson, nor that he’d be our third New Yorker reference of the day. Which is, as hockey fans know, a hat trick. Which brings us to the other reason why Ben McGrath is a stallion: dude plays a mean game o’ hockey. It’s true! Which mens that we’ve got hockey synchronicity weaved into New Yorker synchronicity, and plus Bonnie Fuller is Canadian. [NYP]
  • Oh, what a beautiful morgon: We were dizzy with delight at Gawker’s Swedophilia yesterday – it gives us an excuse to post one of our favorite Swedish lost-in-translation products. Enjoy after the jump; by the way, I don’t know the Swedish word for “afternoon,” but I did learn a few things while in Stockholm. Ladies, “Jag har inte pjokevon” is a key phrase. Swedish men are quite strapping. Otherwise, try “Jag kommer fr&#229n Kanada,” the kids always love that. [Gawker]

spank monkey.jpg

Spank the Monkey
Du och dina motst&#229ndare befinner er p&#229 en skrottripp.
En retfull apa sitteruppe p&#229 ett berg och kastar prylar
p&#229 er. Nu g&#228ller det att hitta en massa saker att stapla
p&#229 varandra f&#246r att n&#229 upp till apan och smiska den.
Det f&#246rs&#246ker alla andra ocks&#229 g&#246ra. Men du vill vara f&#246rst, s&#229 d&#228ef&#246r f&#246rs&#246ker du f&#229 de andras skrottorn att rasa i hop. Bara du nu kan hitta tillr&#228ckligt med saker
f&#246r att bygga ett h&#246gt och stabilt torn s&#229 ska nog
den retliga apan f&#229 sig lite smisk.
Pris: 149:-


Spank the Monkey
You and your opponents are at a waste dump.
An annoying monkey is situated on top of a pile of junk throwing stuff at you.
Now it is up to you to find stuff to pile in order to get up to the monkey and spank him.
Everybody is doing the same. But you want to be first, hence you want your opponents’ piles to fall apart.
If you only can get enough things to build a high tower and get up and spank that monkey.
Price 149 SEK