Media Minutiae, Frey Fray Edition

  • A Million Little Riffs On A Title: Lots of follow-up to Monday’s big Smoking Gun scoop debunking James Frey. Sheelah Kolhatkar dryly notes the publishing industry’s sanguine reaction (and our sibs at GalleyCat conclude that feh, Hollywood doesn’t care much, either), though mention Oprah and everyone’s a-quiver. The NYT adds its two cents, too, citing publishing types with expansive definitions of the word “memoir” and “one reader, identified as moogs78.” At least, he said he was moogs78. [NYO, NYT, GC]
  • What, not Oprah? Who needs to read, anyway? Decide for yourself on Larry King tonight. [Forbes]
  • Who needs to read anyway, part two: The NYT’s Herbert Muschamp wrote a very, very long article about 2 Columbus Circle in last Sunday’s Arts section. Our stylish sis at UnBeige has the snappy summary. [UnB]
  • Everyone wants a piece of the eggroll: Three’s a trend! Following the Post’s hiring of ad-savvy Les Goodstein and the NYDN’s circ-savvy Marc Kramer, Dow Jones is set to name Richard Skeen to the head of WSJ consumer advertising group. If you don’t get the eggroll thing, find enlightenment here. [AdAge]
  • The Kurse of Kurt: Kurt Andersen, Godfather of Snark? Or just another part of Korn’s evil plan to rule the world? [MW]