Media Matters Still After the LA Times’ Andrew Malcolm

Media Matters continues its dissection of conservative blogger Andrew Malcom’s work on the LA Times’ “Top of the Ticket” blog. This time, this site is at arms over a July 8th post in which Malcolm linked directly to a Sarah Palin campaign donation page.

Media Matters’ Eric Hananoki wrote of the link:

“Let’s be clear: there’s absolutely no reason for Malcolm to link to a straight-up donation page, other than to get people to donate to Palin’s PAC. The donation page doesn’t contain the text of Palin’s e-mail solicitation, or any sort of news; just choices about how much money you want to give to Sarah Palin, and your credit card info.”

An LA Times spokesperson agreed with Media Matters, and Times has since removed the Palin link from the post.

“Top of the Ticket has been updated. We link out to all kinds of political sites, but this should’ve linked to the PAC homepage instead of the donor card. As it does now.”

Victory for Hananoki on this one. God, if watching Malcolm and Hananoki flame each other back and forth, ad-infinitum, isn’t what the Internet is for, we’re not sure what.

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