Media Influence Is for the Masses recently conducted a survey on “media influence” on behalf of the Whitman Institute. The results were rather interesting. Around 200 people polled felt that media had a somewhat negligible impact on their own thoughts, opinions and democratic decision making. But that same media had a profound effect on shaping the public discourse at large.

From’ writeup:

Certainly we acknowledge the media plays a role. But it seems somewhat even-handed. Yet when we discuss the influence the media may have had on “the masses” in their voting decisions we see a strong curve that shows a trend towards “strongly agree.”

A small caveat. As a writer for and as someone who filled out the survey in question, this Fishie knows that many of the people polled were journalists themselves. And what self-respecting journo would admit being swayed by the media, rather than coming to conclusions through their own digging? We can be a stubborn lot.

Still worth checking out the survey results here.