MMA Tabulates ‘Muffin-gate’ Media Corrections

Rob Savillo at Media Matters for America has a great rundown today of how the media handled the October 28 debunking of previous claims that the Department of Justice had footed a$16-per-muffin bill for a 2009 conference.

The good news, for SoCal media watchers, is that the LA Times ran not just a Sunday October 30 item about the retraction of the DOJ Inspector General allegation, but also had another in-between item about host hotel chain Hilton disputing the bakery brouhaha. The bad news is that the major cable TV purveyors of this TSA-grope-level sensationalism have yet to retract:

Fox News and Fox Business pushed the $16-muffin story the most out of any cable channel (Bill O’Reilly, in particular, on Fox News’  The O’Reilly Factor), but no Fox program available in the Nexis database has broadcast a follow-up segment reporting the IG’s retraction.

Although not quite as culpable, NBC, CBS, USA Today and the Washington Post are also singled out for their failure to correct or, in the case of WaPo, give the same prominence in its pages to the IG retraction.