Lance Ulanoff on the Constantly Changing eBook Market

I had a friend back in the mid-’90s who was too excited to show me how great Jurassic Park looked on his dad’s new laser disk player. Well, today Spielberg’s classic is on eBay for about $5 in that format. (No need to rush; it looks like the bidding is wide open.) And that’s pretty much how it goes in the world of technology: coveted today, chucked tomorrow.

Lance Ulanoff, EIC of says the eReader market is no different. “Even what we know right now is going to change in a year’s time, which means that this transformative product that we just got our hands on in the last 18 months is already being pushed aside for the next transformative product.”

And, like iTunes before it, not everyone is pleased with Amazon’s pricing for eBooks. Ulanoff recalls one bestselling author who sorta grimaced when asked about having his titles on the Kindle.

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