Lance Ulanoff of Questions TechCrunch’s Review Policy

Lance Ulanoff has been bringing tech-y back since the early ’90s. (Get it? Sexy, tech-y? Oh, never mind.) As the editor-in-chief and senior VP of content for, he led the company’s transition online, a move he says he’s proud the mag took voluntarily rather than being “pushed.”

So, how does a publication that’s been around since 1982 compete with those basement bloggers? By sticking to its original mission of providing “labs-based testing” of new products, and unlike that former intern at TechCrunch, never accepting freebies in exchange for press.

“No one has ever contacted me and said ‘I’ll give you this if you review it.’ And no one is allowed to accept that. We can’t do that,” said Ulanoff. “The manufacturers have no influence on the direction of our review.”

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