McKayla Maroney Probably Not Impressed by Her Own Meme

We think it’s safe to say that last week was a great one for McKayla Maroney. Not only did she bring home the gold as part of the US Gymnastics Fab Five (that’s “Fierce Five” if you ask them); she also won silver in the women’s vault competition. Not too shabby!

And yet, Maroney’s been making waves all over social media this week as part of a clever meme based on a single photo that speaks volumes: After placing second in the vault event because of a last-minute slip, the gymnast looks a little…disappointed. You might even say that McKayla is not impressed with winning the silver.

Maroney cleared the air during an appearance on The TODAY Show yesterday, stating that she was “just disappointed in what happened and how I performed” rather than the silver medal itself.

Well, that settles that, right? But of course, the internet has responded in its usual viral way, entertaining us for minutes with quickly edited images of McKayla in the process of being unimpressed by everything from the Battle of Iwo Jima, the Moon landing, the killing of Osama bin Laden and the Old Spice guy to Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion and the Kardashians (in an incredible coincidence, we aren’t particularly impressed by those last two either).

We would comment on the sad fact that a single photo may transcend Maroney’s considerable accomplishments to become her lasting Olympic legacy — but it’s been a crazy week, and we’re not big on introspection.


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