McDonald’s Cans Disastrous Twitter Marketing Campaign

McDonald’s just put the wraps on its horrific #McDStories Twitter ad campaign, after a slew of tweets like the one. The LA Times notes that McDonald’s canned #McDStories within two hours of its launch. However, they decided to keep another Twitter campaign, #MeetTheFarmers, going for awhile.

We’re guessing that one isn’t going to last too long either.

These ones are fun too.

A little lesson in social media. When you’re a multi-national corporation with an ethically/environmentally questionable business model, don’t peddle your bs advertising campaign in an interactive environment. It’s the one space where informed human beings can actually fight you back. Too many people out there have read Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore‘s Dilemma. You’re better off brainwashing a captive audience. Stick to the Super Bowl.