McDonald’s Canada Wants to Show You Where the Beef Is

In case you never watched Dudley Do-Right as a kid, we’ll let you in on a little secret: things are different in Canada. For instance, McDonald’s Ontario recently added the McLobster to its menu. Let that one sink in for a minute.

Why do we mention our great white neighbor to the north? Because Canada has given us Jim Carrey, Rick Moranis, at least one member of Arcade Fire, and this week’s best case study in proactive social media PR!

Most food brands take one of two routes when confronted with tough questions about ingredients and product preparation: either change the subject or say nothing at all. Yet the Canadian branch of fast food’s reigning champ decided to do something completely different last year: listen to customers’ questions and give them all the dirt on the ginger clown with the beef-and-cheese addiction.

This isn’t just social media community managers tweeting “We’re sorry for your experience, customer X. Please email us at for more info!” McDC promises to answer any consumer’s question—as long as he or she connects on Twitter or Facebook first. Crafty!

So how does this project work?

It started with a Facebook app called Our Food, Your Questions, which makes and posts videos because that’s what a responsible team does with a generous production budget.

The first and perhaps most logical entry in the series concerns that eternal question: why does the Big Mac look so much better on the billboard than in my hands? Take it away, Canucks!

That clip is more transparent than a napkin dipped in McDonald’s fry grease! Why is social media customer service so much more…robust in Canada? Maybe it’s something in the water. Or the donuts. Or the beer.

We would advise other brands to follow McDC’s lead, because 8 million YouTube views is nothing to sneeze at. Now answer our question: what the hell is Grimace supposed to be? And don’t say “an upside down grape,” because we all know that’s not true.