McDonald’s Australia App Lets Diners Track Source of Food

Last year, McDonald’s was making headlines after Jamie Oliver revealed that its burgers contained pink slime, beef trimmings cleaned with ammonium hydroxide. Now McDonald’s, in Australia at least, is coming clean and letting users track the source of its food through a new iPhone app called TrackMyMacca.

The International Business Times has the report: “The app works by scanning the image of a food item bought from McDonald’s using the iOS camera. The app, using GPS and the free Wi-Fi in McDonald’s outlets and combining it with date and time, accesses the company’s supply chain. It then pinpoints the source of the fast food items, not only meat, but also its French fries, veggies, pickles, burger, cheese, fish, bread and mayo.”

According to its listing in iTunes, the app uses your phone’s GPS, image recognition, and the date and time, to track the food. It even promises to hook you up with the farmers, fishermen and bakers that supply the food. We’ve embedded a video demo of the app above for you to check out.