Mayor of Jerusalem’s Bogus Claim about Iran on CNN

Nir Barkat, the current mayor of Jerusalem, apparently thinks he's the only one who was around during 9/11 with a working memory or access to the Internet.

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Nir Barkat, the current mayor of Jerusalem, apparently thinks he’s the only one who was around during 9/11 with a working memory or access to the Internet.

Barkat, who famously tackled a Palestinian terrorist during the stabbing of an ultra-orthodox man in Jerusalem last month, told CNN’s Carol Costello this morning that “the Iranian regime doesn’t like America. I’ve been there September, 11th. I saw who was happy when I saw the two Twin Towers fall. It’s the same regime in Gaza and in other places of the world. They are not your friend.”

The first part of his statement is, in fact, true. The Iranian regime doesn’t like America. However, his implication that the Iranian regime, or even the Iranian people as a whole, were “happy” about the terrorist attacks on 9/11 is complete and utter nonsense.

This isn’t ancient history, folks…  a very cursory search on Google will verify that his claim has no basis in reality.

Following the horrific events on September 11th, 2001, Iran and several other nations considered hostile to the United States (including Cuba, Libya, and even freaking North Korea) were quick to publicly condemn the attacks. Both the Iranian president at the time, Mohamed Khatami, and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei comdemned and denounced the terrorists’ actions several days later, proclaiming: “mass killings of human beings are catastrophic acts which are condemned wherever they may happen and whoever the perpetrators and the victims may be.”

Not only did Iranian officials publicly condemn the acts, but the people of Tehran did so as well. Two days after the attacks, 60,000 spectators at a soccer game in Tehran observed a moment of silence for the victims, and mass candlelit vigils were held across the city.

This is not the first time Barkat has invoked 9/11 to push his agenda on CNN. Back in November, he told Brooke Baldwin a similar, and seemingly scripted, story about the Palestinian reaction to September 11th.

“You know, I landed in September 11th when the Twin Towers fell in New York, and I saw the pain America and the Western world went through,” said Barkat. “And then I also saw some of the people in the Palestinian authority, in Hamas, jump in happiness. And send V-marks and how they won America.”

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.17.53 PMFirstly, the “V-mark” must mean something totally different in the Middle East than it does here, because the image on the right could only be interrupted in the West as a “peace sign.”

Secondly, not sure what the phrases “I landed in September 11th” and “I’ve been there September 11th” are supposed to mean, and if he’s implying he was in New York on 9/11, but one thing is absolutely certain — he wasn’t in Tehran.

This is NOT a defense of the Iranian government or its policies, but a reminder that jabronis like Barkat should not be allowed to doctor history to fit their narrative. No matter where you stand on Iran’s nuclear threat to the state of Israel and the rest of the world (and it is a legitimate concern), Barkat’s implication that the Iranian government, and its people, displayed any sort of “happiness” in regard to the terrorist attacks on 9/11 is historically inaccurate and categorically false.

Watch Costello’s interview with Barkat starting at 3:35, courtesy of CNN.