Mayor Mike Wants A Piece Of The Action, Maybe Forgetting That The Action Sucks


The reconstruction of the World Trade Center is something that has been with us, personally and professionally, since we washed up on these big bright shores with little more than a rucksack of black clothes and a dream…to, er, blog. So we’ve followed it here and there, but in the last few months everything seemed to be going fairly smoothly, that whole little Freedom Center incident aside. But now everything’s jumped the tower/lease/politics, and Mayor Bloomberg, according to today’s Times, is getting all up in the reconstructive grill and thinking that site leaseholder Larry Silverstein should get out. People are a little flummoxed, understandably given that as many events as we were at, the Mayor was at far fewer, and seemed to pretty much have washed his hands of the whole process. There’s also the pesky issue of land ownership — the site’s somehow not under the City’s jurisdiction, belonging as it does to the bi-state Port Authority. The Times has been doing some discussion about a land swap (a useless link, screw you, TimesSelect), but as any WTC-trainspotter knows off the top of their Sidekick’s head, the land swap has been dead since the Port Authority renewed their leases on the airport properties a couple years ago. At least that’s our middling understanding.

Weird that he’d get involved now. We can’t possibly think why.