Mayor de Blasio Blasts The New York Times

The mayor of this fine city is annoyed with The New York Times. Please copy that sentence for use in articles about every New York mayor, in perpetuity. According to The New York Observer, Bill de Blasio blasted the Times over its profile of John Doherty, the city’s sanitation commissioner.

The Times’ article noted that de Blasio — while thanking members of his team during a press conference — oddly excluded Doherty’s name. De Blasio was upset about the piece, and unprompted, brought it up at a separate conference with reporters. “I just want to say very clearly: The story in the New York Times today was patently inaccurate,” said the mayor. “I have immense respect for John Doherty. I asked John Doherty to stay on to help this city.”

De Blasio then continued his rant and added a nice little touch — sarcastically referring to reporters as “friends.” “We will all have our moments along the way, my dear friends,” said de Blasio. “And we will have our agreements and our disagreements. But I do ask you for accuracy.”

Despite de Blasio’s protests, a spokesperson for the Times told the Observer that the paper stands by its story, and that the mayor’s office hadn’t asked for a correction.

Ah, the mayor and the Times battling it out. It just feels right, you know?