Mayor Bloomberg Pleased With His New Yorker Cover

The cover of this week’s New Yorker depicts NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg staring at himself in the mirror while he munches on Valentine’s Day chocolates as hearts dance around his head.  Not exactly the most humble depiction of Mayor Mike, but surprisingly Bloomberg is not at all upset with the narcisstic tone of the caricature.  After joining President Obama, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, and the Pope as cover subjects for the New Yorker, Bloomberg was flattered at the thought of the “Bloom in Love” illustration.

If I am in that company, boy, I guess I should have a very big smile on my face.  I like what I see in the mirror, and I hope everybody here does.  I get up in the morning, and I work as hard as I can, and my kids have turned out great. I’m a lucky enough guy to have made a lot of money, and I’m giving it all away and making a big difference.

Cover artist Barry Blitt also considered using Sarah Palin or Julian Assange for this Valentine’s Day issue, however he felt Bloomberg was the right man for the role.