Maybe Now They’ll Be Able to Afford A Non-Acronym Name!

Looks like the people at AKQA‘s Washington office might be shopping for new cars and houses this week. Or, if anything, just prepping for all the things they’ll be able to ship for free. They’ve just landed the largest account in the agency’s history: the US Postal Service. They’ll be handling and, of course, revising it a little here and there to make it their own. Here’s from the press release:

Over the next few months, AKQA designers, information architects and content developers will take on strategic initiatives to improve the usability of the site by applying the results of user testing and leveraging best practices for the Web. In addition the team will contribute to USPS’ online marketing, as well as promotional pushes within its Web presence. AKQA selected Accenture to perform metrics/analysis and technical integration duties.

AKQA also brings in-depth understanding of the federal government’s Section 508 standards for accessibility to this assignment. In the past, the firm has developed 508-compliance solutions for the U.S. Department of Education’s web site,; as well as the Small Business Administration’s