Maureen Dowd Learns a Thing or Two About Uber

With West Coast trip comes the additional burden of having to work the UberX charm.

This is hilarious.

During a recent visit to the West Coast that included Los Angeles, Maureen Dowd tapped her trusty Uber App as she prepared to leave the Sunset Tower hotel on The Strip, only to be puzzled by the fact that a displayed group of UberX vehicles in the immediate vicinity kept going. The driver who eventually picked her up had a possible explanation:

“Do you know why no one wanted to pick you up?” he asked. “Because you have a low rating.” (Uber drivers see your rating once they accept the request and then can cancel.)

I was shocked. Blinded by the wondrous handiness of Uber, I had missed the fact that while I got to rate them, they got to rate me back.

Revealing that I had only 4.2 stars, my driver continued to school me. “You don’t always come out right away,” he said, sternly, adding that I would have to work hard to be more appealing if I wanted to get drivers to pick me up.

Uber began to feel less like a dependable employee and more like an irritated boyfriend.

Ha ha – e.g., UberEx. In the column, Dowd goes on to draw a pointed analogy between using Uber and working to produce trending New York Times articles. Read the full piece here.
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