Maura Johnston Bets on Her Own Brand with Launch of App

Maura Johnston is about to find out just how much influence she has in the writing world. Johnston, a widely respected journalist who was laid off from the Village Voice in September, is launching an iOS app magazine titled Maura Magazine tomorrow, and the hope is that enough people trust her editorial judgement to keep it afloat.

Columbia Journalism Review reports that for “$0.99 weekly, $2.99 monthly, or $29.99 annually, readers will get about five cultural stories every week automatically delivered to their iPhones and iPads.” Articles that “massage the part of your brain that goes into a coma” will be penned by the likes of Johnston, Jolie Kerr and J. Pablo.

We’re excited to check out Maura Magazine, and our collective fingers are crossed that it works out. If nothing else, you have to admire Johnston for having the courage to try something new that — at least at first — depends almost entirely on her own name.