Matthews References Hillary’s MSNBC’s Complaints

In an apparent rebuttal to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s mention (reported on FishbowlDC here) that Fox News may be more fair to her presidential campaign, Chris Matthews had this to say this morning on “Morning Joe”:

    [Obama’s] got the melody and Sen. Clinton has the prose right, perhaps, but not the music. And maybe not even the prose. And that’s a problem for her because she can say it over and over again, by the way Joe, she can give the speech one million times and, by the way, if we want to be fair — technically — on this network we’ll keep doing what we did last night: Show Sen. Clinton’s speech and Sen. Obama’s speech. You call that fair? He’ll win every night. Cuz it’s not — the way they compete isn’t the same way. She doesn’t compete with oratory the way he does. Maybe working a room she can do as well as him.