Matthews and McCain, Sitting in a Tree

Nora Ephron thinks that Chris Matthews may have a thing for Sen. McCain:

    He was panting like a collie. He was grinning like a fool. He had a case of the Russerts that was practically terminal. He was talking to McCain about McCain’s letter to Senator Obama, and they were having the most wonderful time, the two of them, just smirking and laughing and joking and chortling, and then Matthews told McCain what a “brilliantly angry” letter it was and McCain smirked and laughed and joked and chortled some more.

Ephron thinks there is a hypnotizing effect that McCain has on reporters:

    My point is that Matthews is a perfect example — although obviously exaggerated — of what happens to men in the presence of Senator McCain. They lose their minds. They suck up. They turn absolutely giddy. They ask questions they don’t care about the answers to. It’s Valentine’s Day.

    Is it the torture that causes them to go all weak-kneed? That’s obviously part of it. Is it that he resonates with the balls most men know they don’t have? Maybe. Is it that he seems to have so much testosterone that it’s catching? I don’t know.