Daily Caller Scribe is Nuts

Gosh, we hope The Daily Caller’s Matthew Boyle is okay. Last week he accused a bodyguard of assaulting him, when no assault actually took place. Despite repeated emails to both Boyle and the publication’s  NONspokeswoman Nicole Roeberg, we have received no comment. Maybe Baby Boyle is still recovering from the mean man who barely raised his voice at him? After repeated viewings of this video, we always end up with the same conclusion: Boyle exaggerated the “assault” to make himself look like a tough reporter. There is no assault on tape and Boyle is a giant crybaby for pretending that there was one. But, don’t tell that to his defenders. In response to one of Boyle’s “Fast and Furious” tweets, one fan tweeted this over the weekend:

Boyle has three balls? We’re pretty sure that he’s full-Ken-doll-crotch down there and not packing tri-testicles. What’s worse, Baby Boyle RETWEETS that “compliment” to let everyone what his fan, @TookieW, thinks of his balls. The love fest continues when he gives Boyle a new nickname – “E.T. – Extra Testicle.”

Listen, gents. It’s 2012. No one should judge you for your open and candid conversations about the admiration of each other’s testicles. However, this seems to have spiraled out of control. Between Boyle and his colleague, Michelle Fields, maybe we’ve missed the mandate that if someone tweets a compliment about your hair, legs or testicles, you MUST retweet it. We’ll reach out to their NONspokeswoman again, but somehow we suspect they still have no comment.