Matt Taibbi Calls Out Andrew Breitbart’s Obsession With ‘Affronts to White Dignity’

It was only a matter of time before Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi weighed in on the Andrew Breitbart, Shirley Sherrod flap. If you’ll recall, Breitbart says it was the NAACP’s reverse-racism that caused him to post the misleading video of Sherrod, which eventually cost her her job at the USDA. Taibbi picks up on this point on his RS blog, and says he finds Breitbart, and his right-wing ilk’s, obsession with minority affronts to the white race rather creepy and disconcerting.

I’ve decided it isn’t even necessary to have the debate over whether or not the Tea Partiers are racists. It’s enough to point out that the Tea Party and its sympathizers contain too many people like Andrew Breitbart (the idiot blogger from the Big Government website who originally posted the Sherrod video), Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck, all of whom popped huge public woodies the moment the Sherrod video surfaced.

It’s just not necessary to say whether or not these people are racists. All that needs to be pointed out is that when they get a chance to gape at a video purporting to show a black Obama official confessing to having mistreated a white farmer (it turned out to be the opposite of that, of course), or a tape of Black Panther King Shamir talking about “killing cracker babies,” the word that best describes the emotions they display at these times is glee.

They enjoy these morbid stories about offenses to white dignity way too much. I caught Glenn Beck talking about some case involving a Black Panther who was intimidating people at a voting booth back in 2008 — the guy had this pervy smile on his face that made him look exactly like one of those creepy dudes sitting hunched over at the edge of the bed playing the cuckold in cheating-wife porn videos. Over the Black Panthers! Who the hell has even seen a Black Panther since the seventies? The whole thing reminds me of that Chris Rock routine about Native Americans — “When was the last time you saw two Indians?”

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