Massage is Now Delicate Matter in Politics



With former V.P. Al Gore’s Portland masseuse something of the not so distant past, President Obama wasn’t going to fool around with the topic this afternoon when a masseuse got in a question.

As Roll Call‘s White House correspondent Jennifer Bendery wrote in one of several descriptive afternoon Pool Reports, this one from Fairfax, Va.:

In one awkward moment, Obama joked that he had a “crick in my neck” when an attendee introduced herself as a massage therapist. She responded by asking if he gets massages regularly, at which point Obama chuckled but moved on to asking what her real question was.

We’re told that after after the masseuse introduced herself, Obama began jokingly rubbing the back of his neck. While the moment was fast, it was uncomfortable, a source at the scene told FishbowlDC.

> UPDATE: Technically speaking, see the official transcript after the jump…one additional remark by POTUS regarding his tension…

Q Okay. IÂ’m a massage therapist and —
THE PRESIDENT: IÂ’ve got a crick in my neck right here. (Laughter.)
Q Yes, I bet you do.
THE PRESIDENT: A lot of tension has been building up. (Laughter.)
Q Do you get a regular massage? (Laughter.)
THE PRESIDENT: Go ahead, go ahead.