Marty’d: The Memorial Day Edition

We are All Just News Junkies Online. If you follow Marty Rudolf on Twitter, you’re used to frequent attempts at conversation. Randomly, he’ll ask questions like, “Does any Sports Fans or Journalists/Bloggers feel like chatting?,” or “Any “Y&R”, “Days” or “B&B” Soap Fans on here?” He’s a lovable oddball who will often tweet directly to actors, journalists and anyone else who will listen. Sometimes, they actually respond.

You never know who may give Marty a response.

For example, CNN’s Jonathan Wald will often engage Marty in conversation. After Wald tweeted, “Did they shoot “Behind the Candelabra” in Instagram?,” Marty asked, ” Do you think there should be a “Federal Shield Law” Passed by Congress which Protects Reporters from Revealing their Sources?” That seems the obvious followup to Wald’s comment. Wald could only write back, “yes.”

One recent target is Morgan Fairchild. Fairchild has mixed it up with Marty on occasion. Recently, Marty tweeted to her and asked if she thought ” H. Clinton” was running for President. Assuming he meant, Hillary Clinton, Fairchild responded, “I hope so, Marty. You?” Marty, puts on his pundit cap and says, ” I think the US is ready to Elect a Woman President & if Hillary Clinton Runs in 2016, I like her Chances!” Yes, Marty. We like her Chances, too.

Marty actually got a response from a pretty big fish last week when he asked NBC’s David Gregory who would be appearing on “Meet the Press.” Gregory actually responded, “We are off the air this Sunday. Back next week.” Robotically, Marty replied, “Describe what it’s like being the Moderator of NBC News’s “Meet The Press” Sunday Mornings? Great Show by the way!!? Gregory did not respond.

Hell, he even cut loose on Memorial Day to have a Marty Party. He tweeted, “Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!”  You too, Marty!