Marty’d: The Sam Youngman Edition

“Are people getting Tweets I’m trying to send on here?” That question and many more are posed daily by one of the most curious men on Twitter, Marty Rudolf. Rudolf approaches journalists on Twitter looking for new friends to chat with him. Thankfully for us, some people write back.

Today, it’s Reuters‘ Sam Youngman. Youngman makes no bones about his allegiance to the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky. While their basketball team typically dominates, they had a bit of a rough year. Their best player from last season, Anthony Davis, now plays for the New Orleans Hornets in the NBA. So, when Marty asks Youngman what he thought of Louisville winning the National Championship, Sam bristled. He tweeted, “Marty, you trolling me, buddy? I thought it proved there is some weird deal where God and Satan alternate who will win each year.” Once that door is open with Marty, there is no closing it. He will continue to pepper you with questions, as Youngman found out.

Let’s talk hoops.Marty asked about Anthony Davis, tweeting, “What do you think of the Rookie NBA Season for fmr Kentucky Wildcat Player Anthony Davis in New Orleans?” Sam, who clearly knows his stuff, said, “Showed glimpses of greatness to come despite injuries. Gotta remember, he was only 6’2″ like a week ago. Gonna be a star.”

The two were becoming like old friends! But naturally, Marty took it one step too far.

After the back and forth on sports, he asked Sam, “What’s this Story about Abortion & a Trial that has people so Furious on here tonight?” That’s a pretty tough segue, Marty. It’s tough to go from college basketball to abortion. Try that at your next cocktail party and see how well that goes over.