Have You Been ‘Marty’d’?

“Who is that guy?” tweeted Business Insider‘s Brett LoGiurato late Monday night. “He’s not an actual human being, is he?” added New York magazine’s Stefan Becket.

His name is Marty Rudolf, he is presumably an actual human being and he just wants to talk about “News.” He’s a news junkie if you will and he hopes you’ll talk about it with him.

Many reporters, editors and producers have had at least one experience with Rudolf, whose bio indicates that he lives in Chicago. He regularly tweets at news figures, typically in the evening and with arbitrary capital letters punctuating his tweets.

Just last night, Rudolf tweeted at:

  • The Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson (“Do you like Appearing on ‘Red Eye’ with Greg Gutfeld on ‘Fox News Channel’? Is the Story involving NJ Sen Menendez not true?”)
  • BuzzFeed‘s Dorsey Shaw (“Your Replying to my tweets, now. Want to Chat about Political TV Cable News & Issues in the Media?”)
  • CNN Contributor Ana Navarro (“Do you enjoy being a CNN Political Contributor? Will Rodman be a Special Envoy to N. Korea with his connection to the Leader?”)
  • MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp (“What’s it like being the Conservative on MSNBC’s ‘The Cycle’ with Liberals/Progressives Weekday Afternoons discussing Politics/Media”)
  • Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher (“Any Interesting Posts or Stories I should Read at ‘Mediaite.com’ Web Site this Monday?”)
  • D.C. Bureau Chief for BuzzFeed John Stanton (“Describe what it’s like being the DC Bureau Chief of Buzzfeed.com?”)
  • Piers Morgan Tonight E.P. Jonathan Wald (“You have got me Curious, Jonathan! Very Interesting Forum about HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ last night with P. Morgan Moderating.”

Rudolf also sends out tweets soliciting potential chat buddies, though to no one in particular. A typical one goes: “Who wants to chat about: Politics & the Media, Current Events in the News, Sports Topics, TV/Movies or Celeb News & Gossip? Send a Tweet!!”

He doesn’t go ignored. Last night he held a multi-faceted political conversation with conservative blogger Kathleen McKinley (though McKinley was remarkably brief in her replies to Rudolf’s questions). He’s regularly retweeted by Wald, the Piers Morgan E.P. He’s even followed by respected media types, including Wald, Fox News Contributor Joe Trippi, Yahoo! News‘ Chris Moody and WaPo‘s Aaron Blake.

“Marty is the man, end of story,” said BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski, amidst one of Rudolf’s rapid fire question sessions.

FishbowlDC, also a regular recipient of Rudolf’s tweets, has reached out to Marty via an email he provided to us on more than one occasion. We’ve hoped he would participate in our official FBDC interview. No such luck yet, but stay tuned. We can be very persuasive.

“I hope to get Marty’d one day,” said Becket in response to Kaczynski. “Me too,” added Business Insider‘s LoGiurato.