Martha vs. Mini-Martha: The countdown

Ever so subtly, New York Magazine just fired the starter’s pistol in the approaching race for control of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia in the most recent issue…all without saying so directly, of course. But for you catfight addicts, mark your calendars for March 6th, which is the day when Martha once again can breathe Connecticut air, albeit in her own house, for a while yet. Do you all think that Susan Lyne, the company’s CEO-by-circumstance, will simply step aside?

Lyne was founding editor of Premiere, back when the magazine actually had teeth and was able to lead the (then far smaller) pack of similar books. As correcty referenced in NY Mag, she understands the value of being charming, rather than using the Martha brass knuckles. So who’s your money on, Dear Reader? A survivor from both the Disney-neutered ABC or the street fighter who’s already prepping her new Mark Burnett-produced reality show?

Advantage: Martha. Even if Alderson isn’t Andersonville, she’s still tougher than anybody. And she can’t wait to concentrate on her salad.