Mark Simone Grabs the Late Morning Slot at WOR

Changes are afoot at Clear Channel’s newest property. With the ownership of WOR Radio officially transferred from Buckley Broadcasting, Clear Channel is moving quickly to put its fingerprint on the venerable talk station.

Longtime WABC host Mark Simone has jumped ship, having been named the weekday 10 a.m. to noon host, effective immediately.

After more than a dozen years at 770 on the AM dial, Simone tells FishbowlNY, a move to 710 is not easy.

“I’ve never had an unpleasant moment with the management there, they were wonderful to me from the beginning to the end,” Simone says. “I’ll miss WABC and never thought I’d want to leave, but this is probably how some people at Microsoft felt years ago when they left to go to Apple.”

Neccessitating the professional address change for Simone is the fact that ex-WABC president and GM Steve Borneman is assuming a management role at Clear Channel and WOR. Simone says working for Borneman at WABC was a pleasurable experience.

“He’s a great leader and the best GM we ever had on the 17th floor at WABC and everyone on the air there would tell you that they would follow him anywhere,” Simone admits. “So, while I hate leaving the best coworkers in radio, it may not be long before many of them decide to join me [at WOR].”

Simone also has added the 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. slot on Saturdays.

However, one casualty of his breakaway from Cumulus is Simone’s popular Saturday Night Show will not move down the dial with him.

“I have to rest sometime, but its most popular features will be integrated into the new weekday show,” Simone says.

Clear Channel previously announced Los Angeles based John and Ken will be heard 9 to 11 p.m., with one hour produced specifically for the WOR audience.

In the final days of Buckley’s reign, Governor David Paterson and Dr. Joy Browne were sent packing from the WOR daily lineup.