Mark Lisanti for the Awards Season Win

MatthewMcConaughey2013OscarsIf you read only one paragraph about 2014 film awards season this 2014 film awards season, let it be the following from Mark Lisanti’s preview of tonight’s CBS-TV extravaganza:

The Hollywood Film Awards are not interested in filling four tiny onscreen boxes with the faces of disappointed losers mustering their acting skills to barely conceal their soul-crushing disappointment. The Hollywood Film Awards choose to go full-screen on that all-important fifth box, the one with the beaming winner in it, the one whose life has just been changed forever. Why trifle with a pointless list of also-rans when you can reallocate that precious time to celebrating the victorious? Nothing is more powerful than an idea, and the idea here is this: More winners.

Coincidentally, Jimmy Fallon and Matthew McConaughey revisited, earlier this month, one of last season’s most memorable fifth-box moments. The one where the Best Actor Oscar winner could be seen staring up at the Dolby Theatre ceiling. Per the Dallas Buyers Club star:

“All of a sudden they say the name, and I didn’t know what name they said… I’m going, ‘I heard the first two letters, Muh.’ And I went through everybody else, all the other nominees.”

“I was like, ‘Does anyone else’s name start with a… I went through all of them, and then I was like, “I’m pretty sure that’s me.’ And I opened my eyes and there was my wife, my mom screaming behind me. Yup, Muh; Muh-tthew McConaughey.”

[Image via: YouTube]