Mark Halperin Razzed About 7-Second Delay Incident

Ahh… memories. This morning MSNBC host Joe Scarborough brought up the glories of the month of June. MSNBC Contributor and TIME‘s Mark Halperin abruptly said he prefers January. “Richard Nixon’s birthday. Elvis’s birthday. My birthday. …Super Bowl,” he said, citing reasons for his preference.

“June though man…was driving around with the family last night…it was 8 o’clock. The light’s still beautiful,” Scarborough went on. Halperin asked, “You paid your quarterly taxes yet? It’s one reason why June’s not high on my list.”

Scarborough looked at him like death. “I was going to say what you were. You’re a blanked up man, but I don’t want to have to figure out whether the 7-second delay works or not.” As it happens, in June of 2011, MSNBC suspended Halperin after he called President Obama “kind of a dick” on national TV. At the time, the 7-second delay did not work as they assumed it would.

This morning Halperin ultimately conceded one good thing about the light at this time of year. “It is nice to do this program with it light outside,” he said. “That’s nice.”