FM Veteran Powers Up

After two decades as a terrestrial radio man, Ventura County vet Mark Elliott has chosen to dial down the talk and amp up the music for a new Internet radio venture. Broadcasting out of a small studio in Agoura Hills since January 1st, dishes out a steady commercial-free stream of bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sound Garden and the Foo Fighters.

Elliott was formerly a morning radio host on KBBY-FM 95.1 and program manager for both that station and another subsequent home, KFYV-FM 105.5. In 2007, he launched his own consulting firm, Z1 Creative, before segueing to AXE. He tells the Ventura County Star:

“AXE Radio is a hard, guitar-driven rock station. We focus on the ’90s through today, but then we also have some flashback features,” he said. “Our audience appreciates the fact that there are no chatty deejays and no commercial interference right now. That’s how we differentiate ourselves.”

According to Elliott, his site is currently averaging 250 to 300 listeners per day, not bad for a brand new addition to a U.S. firmament that is estimated to encompass some 5,000 Internet radio stations. He hopes to maintain an ad free on-air programming rotation and gradually build out the business.