Mark Cuban Waches Too Much True Blood

It’s no secret that content aggregators are one of the biggest banes to news media’s existence. Everyone from Rupert Murdoch to The Associated Press has taken a stance that their material should not be disseminated on the web for free, and that readers should have to pay, either in page views or in actual cash (in the form of pay walls).

But leave it to Mark Cuban, the billionaire Mavericks owner and HDNet chairman, who himself has been accused of siphoning money from companies through insider trading, to be the most vocally damning of all moguls.

“Everybody wants to take your content,” said Cuban during the AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC conference this week, and the trend will continue “unless you put a stake through their gosh darn hearts.”

Yikes! Way to tap into America’s love of vampire metaphors. And of course it’s Google that Cuban has the biggest issue with, claiming that the site’s news traffic portion “is a vampire, and you run scared…There is no reason to be indexed in Google.”

Except that Google’s argument, which ran in The Wall Street Journal, is that the site brings more traffic to your Web site than any other means on the Internet. So maybe it’s more of a symbiotic human-vampire relationship…more Sookie and Bill than Nosferatu.

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