Marissa Mayer Thinks Being Yahoo’s CEO Is Harder Than Being President


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 10.57.10 AMIn an interview with Businessweek, Yahoo CEO (for now!) Marissa Mayer spoke about her tenure at Yahoo and the future of the company now that it’s being sold to Verizon. There’s some interesting items, but this particular exchange stuck out:

What’s it like to sell a company while you’re trying to do a turnaround at the same company?

There was a moment when someone said to me, ‘Wow, you might be the busiest person on the planet.’ In the Midwest, where I grew up, you shrug off a compliment like that and think a lot of people in the world are really busy, like President Obama. And then President Obama started posting YouTube videos for fun.


First of all, whatever Mayer is referring to here, it likely wasn’t actually Obama. He has staff who do that for him. Because he’s the president. And he’s busy. Busier than a corporate executive who can’t stop her company from hemorrhaging money.

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