Illustrator Expands Map Series to Buffalo

More funky cartography from Mario Zucca.

MarioZuccaPicFreelance artist Mario Zucca (pictured) has added a fourth graphical map to go along with previous ones done for Portland, Ore., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. The chosen city this time is Buffalo, N.Y., and he chatted with The Buffalo News about his creative process.

Zucca explains that the original inspiration for the series was a fellow illustrator’s map of Brooklyn. For his latest effort, he visited Buffalo to get a feel for the location:

“My wife and I traveled there last winter to scope it out and do some research. Being there in person helped immensely. I was able to walk or drive to most of the landmarks I wanted to see and take a ton of photos. Things like Shark Girl and the Tim Horton statue probably wouldn’t have made it into the map had I not stumbled onto them in person. Aside from that, I relied a lot on Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and the advice of some Buffalonian friends of mine.”

Buffalo News reporter Colin Dabrowski applauds the map’s ‘playful and meticulously detailed approach.’ The hard-copy version is two feet by three feet, on uncoated paper, and sells for $24.00.

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