Mariel Hemingway Recalls Bob Fosse’s Leading Lady Rule

A juicy tale from the actress' forthcoming memoir.

MarielHemingwayOutCametheSunHoward Kurtz has an exclusive first look at Out Came the Sun, actress Mariel Hemingway’s forthcoming memoir. He calls it “remarkably candid” and “anything but a gauzy memoir.”

There’s some explosive stuff in the book about Woody Allen. Hemingway also shares an even more blatant in-kind memory involving her Star 80 director:

They [Hemingway, Bob Fosse] were drinking one night at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Fosse wanted to go upstairs: The elevator let us off at my floor. I let us into my room. And then, for the next 15 minutes, I ran rings around the couch while Fosse chased me for purposes of sex. ‘I have a boyfriend,’ I said.

That didn’t dissuade him one bit… ‘Well, I’m not interested,’ I said.

This stopped him for a moment. He steadied himself on the couch and looked at me. ‘I have never not [blanked] my leading lady,’ he said.

Hemingway’s retort: ‘Meet the first.’

The book, with a title that is cleverly evocative of The Sun Also Rises, comes out April 7. Along with a companion tome aimed at younger female readers, Invisible Girl. Read the rest of Kurtz’s piece here.

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