Marie Claire Presents New Peel-Off Ad Unit

Marie Claire subscribers will get a little something extra with their August issue. Next to an editorial section in the magazine called Beauty Master Class is a special ad unit that peels off and sticks to a mirror.

The section focuses on mascara tips, and the subsequent ad unit, called a “cling,” is sponsored, aptly, by Revlon, which used it to instruct readers on how to apply mascara (using its own, naturally, GrowLuscious).
“We are always looking for new and exciting ways to create informative and engaging content with our media partners,” said Stefani Cohen, senior director of media and communications for Revlon.
Publishers regularly look for never-been-done-before units to take to advertisers, and Nancy Berger Cardone, Marie Claire’s publisher, said the cling was appealing because if used as intended, it guarantees the advertiser repeat exposures to beauty consumers.
Advertisers seem to agree; in addition to Revlon, four more beauty advertisers have bought the cling in 2010 issues. That’s good for Marie Claire’s ad pages, as the unit required another two-page buy, for a total six-figure commitment. But Cardone saw a significance beyond pages: namely, after a soft ad spell, elaborate, expensive units are selling again.
“In the last few years, there weren’t budgets to support big ideas,” Cardone said, “whereas this year, there’s a quest to find advertising that will break through.”