Margaret Jones/Peggy Seltzer Toteboard

Margaret B. Jones/Peggy Seltzer Scoreboard:

Chicago Tribune
Why they lie

Financial Times
Tall tales of the would-be victim

New York Times
Strong reporting nearly makes up for the initial flabbiness. No dog-pile of op-eds, but did they really need the lame spoof? Good letters to the editor.

Foundation Is Questioned After Memoir Is Exposed
Tracking the Fallout of (Another) Literary Fraud
Gang Memoir, Turning Page, Is Pure Fiction
A Refugee From Gangland
However Mean the Streets, Have an Exit Strategy

Los Angeles Times
Lots of columns and opinions, but with the exception of a couple of quotes from Seltzer’s mom and Sandy Banks walking around the ‘hood, not much news. Where’s the former classmate, the former teacher? Never underestimate the power of googlebait for the MSM.

Caught lying? Shame on you
Authors Rita Williams, Samantha Dunn and Denise Hamilton on literary liars.
Why we fall for the fakes
Why would author label fiction as fact?
Margaret Seltzer’s fake memoir
Fact and fiction on L.A.’s mean streets
Margaret B. Jones’ foundation appears to be fake
Author admits gang-life ‘memoir’ was all fiction