Marc Newson’s Nuptials: Only 37 Shopping Days Away!

Marc Newson — designer, artist, new father, and all-around megastar (as his fellow Australian, Dame Edna Everage would say) — will wed his longtime girlfriend, stylist Charlotte Stockdale, in London over the fourth of July weekend. While those intrepid fashionistas over at Fashion Wire Daily are speculating as to who will design Stockdale’s dress (Azzedine Alaia is the early favorite), we’re wringing our hands over the dwindling number of days in which to find the couple a proper gift, seeing as our go-to wedding present for the design saavy — a Lockheed Lounge crafted entirely from Hershey’s Kisses — might be perceived as tasteless (and not only because the Cadbury chocolate favored by Brits is far superior to that of Hershey’s). And so we’re off to brainstorm with the help of some old Finnish sporting magazines, but in the meantime, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that a) the happy couple doesn’t open our gift immediately after the one from Larry Gagosian and b) the enameled kitchen appliances that Newson just designed for Smeg will be among the wedding favors.

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