Maralee Schwartz Joins Financial At W. Post

From the Post’s internal announcement:

    We are delighted to announce that Maralee Schwartz will be moving to the Financial staff next week as our new corporate crime and accountability editor. Maralee’s reputation as one of the paper’s best, most respected and beloved editors makes her a natural for this job. She will direct a small, but immensely talented team of reporters who will report on two primary tracks. First, they will break news and deliver enterprise about allegations of corporate wrongdoing and influence peddling. Second, they will get inside financial markets and some of the nation’s best-known companies, revealing management strategies to perform under the perpetual pressure to increase profits and meet Wall Street expectations.

    Maralee is a reporter’s editor who develops a passion for the topics she is charged with directing. Whether it was managing coverage of Capitol Hill, the White House or politics, or more recently transforming the Fed Page and A-2, Maralee’s dedication and smarts — as well as her powers of persuasion — injected vigor into everything she touched. We await with anticipation the mighty jolt she will bring to Financial.