Map My Circles for Google+ Lets You See Where Your Friends Are

Have you ever wondered where all your friends are, at once?  Alright, it may not be something that comes up all the time, but it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun to take a look.  A new extension for the Google Chrome web browser (my personal favorite) adds a menu to your Google+ sidebar which lets you do just that.

The app is pretty simple, and once you’re in you simply click the users circle to see more about them and where they are.  You can can then click on their profile to check out their profile.  I could imagine this being pretty useful if Google somehow rolls in a more compelling check-in service into Google Plus.  The idea of being able to get a close to real-time look at where my friends are is wild.  It’s been the dream of location-based services since their inception — one glance at your phone and you see your friends as moving red dots in the city.

This is just the start for cool new Google+ plugins.  Recently I downloaded the Google+ extension for Chrome which lets me see my Google+ activity with the click of a single button.  Sure, this has existed for a while for other social networks but the integration with Chrome is perfect, and if they ever made that default it would be a pretty compelling experience.  Google is definitely trying to make the all-in-one package — their dream would be that you buy a Google computer equipped with the Google OS, use Chrome to browse the web and use web apps like Google Docs for productivity, and then for your social needs you’d have Google Plus.  Can they succeed with this, though?