Manually Updated My Nexus One: Browser, Maps, Gallery Pinch-to-Zoom Video Demo

I tried to be patient and wait for the Nexus One OTA (Over The Air) update magically appear sometime this week. The problem is that I’m not the most patient person in the world. So, I headed over to Android Central and read their instructions about…

How to manually update your Nexus One

Their 9-step instructions worked fine for me. Note that navigation and item selection procedures dramatically change between the first half of the instructions (where the volume control is the navigation control and the power button selects options) and the second half (where the trackball is used as the navigation control).

I recommend adding a step 0 to Android Central’s excellent instruction set:
0. Make sure you battery is nearly fully charged or your Nexus One is plugged into an A/C outlet.

The update process takes a while and involves a couple of reboots. It seems to me that it is a good idea to have the battery juice to complete this process.

As I noted in yesterday’s item about the Nexus One Android 2.1-Update1…

Nexus One Update Said to Add Pinch-to-Zoom & Improved 3G

…there are four improvements included with this update…

– We join the rest of the world (and U.S. owners of phones like the Droid Eris and Hero) in getting pinch-to-zoom zoom support.
– Google Maps for mobile syncs starred and search suggestions with the desktop Google Maps
– Google Googles (always available as a separate download) is now a default app
– Improved 3G connectivity

I was most interested in the pinch-to-zoom gesture feature since I am used to doing that with an iPhone. You can find my short video demo embedded above.