Man the Lifeboats–Katie’s Blog Goes Out To Sea


Katie Couric’s new blog starts off on the wrong foot, according to Tabloid Baby. Half-way into her introduction she side-bars with this:

A footnote: out of curiosity, I did a little “Googling” for the word “blog.” And one of the first entries that popped up was a guy by the name of Henry Blogg . He lived long before the age of the internet. But his story is quite remarkable. He was apparently an accomplished sailor–a legendary lifeboatman, to be exact–who weathered fierce storms while doing his job, rowing out to sea. It took guts–and some muscle–to venture out into the unknown like that.

FBLA must have a different google than Katie. Blog turns up 2,500,000,000 entries. Not one of them goes to Henry Blogg. But if the search is blog + “Henry Blogg“–top o’ the heap.

Tabloid Baby thinks that someone else wrote the entry and is all outraged. FBLA thinks that someone else wrote the entry in order to use the Henry Blogg story and tie it to Katie’s own little launch, and we’re not remotely outraged. To quote the immortal Willow Rosenberg:

Bored now

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