Man Suspended From Job After Answering Phone in Robotic Voice

retro phoneApparently one man learned that answering a help line on the job in a robotic voice is not a good move.

According to DNAinfo, Robert Dillon was suspended for 20 days without pay, mainly for speaking that way to customers in the winter of 2013 on an information technology support line.

Per an administrative law judge’s report, the computer specialist for the Health Department’s IT help desk spoke in an “over-enunciated monotone” when he said, “You have reached the help desk.” It sounds like his boss told him to stop but he continued to channel the robotic voice.

You can guess what happened next: callers dialing into the help line ended up complaining. One hung up the phone before calling back indicating she needed to speak to a human!

The judge pointed out the worker as a disgruntled employee who was acting out.